Mixed Media - Wood, Archival Pigment Prints, Acrylic, Metal
48” x 72” x 32”

What do you see when you look in the mirror? 
You probably see yourself as you’re getting ready for the day or maybe to check and see if you had anything in your teeth. Mirrors are used often as tools to check our superficial statuses. How often do we check the deeper often buried status of the person in the mirror? Do you really know what’s going on beneath those superficial layers of the person you see staring back at you?
These are daunting questions for a lot of people. Emotions are a confusing topic. Most the time they are multifaceted as well and take a lot of time and energy to understand. They often times can be overwhelming and more often than not I’d say they get abandoned instead of felt, due to their complexity. 
This project is intended to help us to break through that mirror and explore a little deeper into our emotions and how we may feel about them. We can either look at them in their multifaceted chaotic entirety or we can choose to focus on a singular aspect of our emotions by viewing the piece through one of the color filters provided below.
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